Fit and Focused Holiday Survival Guide

Fit and Focused Holiday Survival Guide


Yes you need to survive the holidays, like it’s life or death!

That’s not true, but for myself and many others, the holidays represents fun, family and a lot of anxiety when it comes to meals and social gatherings. Either you know you will gain 5-10 lbs and go hog wild, or you decide to bow out of most events because you don’t want the temptation and damage to your waist line. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

In the holiday season 2017 I was knee deep in my fat loss journey, only 20 or so pounds of weight lost. I knew I had more to lose and I certainly didn’t want to undo all of that hard work up to this point.

These are the principles I learned that year to keep losing even though I had a totally memorable holiday! Now 42 lbs later I will use these tips this season as well.

Learn how to take control of how you approach holiday eating:

1. Christmas is not your excuse to eat everything. 
When we use holidays as excuses to binge or overeat we are setting ourselves up for failure. There is literally a new holiday or celebration every month. You can still enjoy yourself in moderation.

2. Moderation not deprivation.
Don’t deprive yourself of anything (unless it is a trigger food) but think of this as a bits and bites situation. ANY FOOD can be enjoyed in a couple of bites. Cut a normal size slice of cake/pie in half, or in a quarter and just eat that. Stick to your guns.

3. Eat mindfully.
Take note of how your body feels when you are eating. Take some time to recognize that you are full. Enjoy your food and savor every bite, even voice your opinion to the chef. Slow down and enjoy the process.

4. Tell people that you are trying to change your body. 
Let your dining companions know that you are trying to eat less and lose weight to feel better. Now they may not hold you to it, but idea here is that YOU know that THEY know. It will hold you more accountable.

5. Don’t give in to the peer (family) pressure.
People can be threatened when YOU want to change. It can make them feel guilty about their own food/drinking choices around the holidays. They can try to egg you on to keep your old habit by saying “have another you deserve it’. Merely reply to anyone’s criticisms of your smaller eating habits with a “thanks for your feedback” and change the subject.

6. Drink Water.
No not JUST water. Have a glass of water with every meal and at least 1 glass of water with every alcoholic beverage.

7. Accept that you will go over calories for one day.
Pick a day that you are really looking forward to. Boxing day? Christmas Day? New Years Eve? On that day you will eat still in moderation (mostly). A little break for your mind and spirit.

8. Have a protein shake.
Arbonne’s protein shakes are a great source of protein. Have one an hour before a big meal. Chances are, your meal won’t be super high in protein so this will even you out and it will make you relatively full, reducing your chances of overeating.

I hope this helps you tackle the holidays with confidence!