FAQ – You probably have some questions, we have answers

Do I need to work out at a gym to see success with your program?

Absolutely not. I have programs designed for people who are sedentary, lightly active, and gym rats.

Do I need to use supplements to see success with your program?

It is not mandatory to use the supplements that I recommend. You will find success in your own consistency, the supplements are merely to make it easier.

Do I have to calorie count?

I encourage food journaling as one of the principles of my success and my clients clients. This can look like many different things for many different people and we can adapt to your lifestyle.

What if my metabolism is too slow to see success with your program?

I believe that there is hope for anybody to change their body shape. You will find during this program that your metabolism will be youthful again.

Do I need to cook separate meals for my kids and myself on your program?

Absolutely not! I know that you’re busy and that would not be a sustainable lifestyle change! You will find that your whole family will love the meals provided in the 7 Day meal plan.

Do I need to cut out alcohol, coffee, sugar and /or gluten on your program?

No way! My program is designed on moderation not deprivation. We can find a way to integrate all the things you love and still lose fat.

What if I am just not happy with this program?

I have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not happy you will receive a refund.

Does your plan include a detox or a cleanse?

No. My program is based on evidence that has worked for me and my clients. There are no gimmicks here.