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Hi, I am Lyndsy Pahl, wife and mother of 2. At 41 I saw my weight ballooning and I knew I needed to make a change. I went on my own discovery journey, unveiling my power and taking back control over my body.

The response from friends, family, acquaintances and heck– even total strangers was OVERWHELMING. They all wanted to know WHAT I was doing. They craved instruction on how to get the results I achieved. And I heard over and over that they felt the VERY SAME WAY I did. Out of control and unknowing of their own bodies! So I developed this direct coaching concept with a close friend over a glass of wine! 🍷

I love being at home with my 2 daughters while challenging myself to give back. I am passionate about helping others! I am completely thrilled to be a certified nutrition coach. Helping people like you reclaim their body, mind and spirit through one on one support from me: someone who has recently done it for herself!

50 lbs and 40 inches smaller in size, but bigger in heart and desire to help YOU. You’re worth it babe!